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Christian Women's Job Corp
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God has opened our eyes to a great need in our community to support vulnerable women, in need of hope. A small group of Christians has been meeting and discussing how to best serve those who are looking for a new beginning from a past of poverty, life crisis/difficulties, spiritual darkness, addiction or criminal involvement. How can we help them learn to know Jesus and abide in Him? How can we come along side of them in areas such as finding a job, learning how to budget their money, establishing healthy relationships and finding freedom from habitual sin?

While looking for an organization that could help address these needs, Christian Job Corps was selected for its ministry to both men and women in need of godly mentorship and life/job skills instruction. Although there are both Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps around the nation, they have not yet been established in Gregg County. Our desire is to open a branch for women first, and at a future time, to follow up with a Men’s Job Corps. We are seeking God’s will in all of this and are hopeful that many churches and other believers will step in and get involved! We will need volunteers to teach computer classes, life skills classes and to befriend these women by providing lunches and spending time with them. Please pray for the ladies who could benefit from this program and also for our leadership, as we long to follow Jesus in any direction that He chooses. For more information on the Christian Women’s Job Corps program, please visit
If you are interested in volunteering please contact Julie Wiebracht at
903-806-2187 email: julianewiebracht@gmail.com
If you feel led to give financially, please mail your donation to:
East Texas Baptist Network at P.O. Box 9067, Longview, TX 75608-9067 Designated to CWJC
With a credit card by clicking on this button.

Christian Women’s Job Corps of Gregg County
Statement of Faith
We believe in the Trinity—God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and the Bible as the Word of God. Salvation comes through grace by believing in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, our Savior and Lord. Once saved, the Holy Spirit indwells, thereby instructing, guiding, and empowering the individual to follow the mandate of Jesus Christ in daily living.
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